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SOPA & PIPA Information Tools

Information about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the US. Focusing on the current debate, opposing argument, security and technical concerns. Featuring content from prominent commentators, online awareness campaigns and a range of Internet protest tools. Links to both Acts are included.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Ogilvy Hosts Music & Brands Event 'Lab Day LIVE'

International advertising and marketing agency Ogilvy Group UK are staging a one-day event called Lab Day LIVE designed to engage both the advertising and music communities. On the 9th September Ogilvy's offices in London's Canary Wharf will play host to a music industry conference and live music festival.

It promises to be an informative and entertaining occasion focusing on the latest digital media opportunities mutually available to brands and the music business. The morning conference panels and talks will feature key figures from Spotify, PRS and other leading music organizations (List of speakers). During the afternoon live music performances from name and up-coming acts will take place across three stages (see below).

Entitled: Making music matter as much to brands as it does to consumers

The event is part of Ogilvy’s on-going drive to help clients and their brands navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the music industry in the digital age.

In this video clip Lab Day organizer Tara Austin talks about her role in making music a more central part of the creative process at Ogilvy. To see what other members of the team are saying take a look at the Video Wall.

The Rules of Engagement

Ogilvy are looking to the music industry for innovative ideas on how brands can use music to to build engagement with their audience. Earlier in the year, at MIDEM 2011, they made a stirring appeal for music publishers to "‘look beyond the cheque' and contribute more than just a piece of audio to an advertising campaign" emphasising Ogilvy's vision to "create added value: value for our brands and, ultimately, value for the artist whose music our campaigns promote". 

I'll be attending the event and listening closely to what's being said about sonic branding and new ideas for using music to create a 'brand sound'. I'm also looking forward to learning more about the power of sound and music when applied to areas such as 'retail soundscapes' and how we can be informed by hard data.

As a long-time advocate of Open Media licensing tools, when and where appropriate, I'll be hoping to see more open and collaborative business frameworks designed to minimize the friction permeating traditional licensing models. Many Internet audio and video platforms have already successfully integrated Creative Commons licensing making it easy for people to share, remix and reuse media legally, notably SoundCloud and YouTube (list of corporate support).

Creative Commons has always been about promoting creativity and the power of openness to build communities based on shared ideas. Unfortunately the established licensing system, especially with regards to CC licenses in Europe, makes widespread media sharing difficult, thereby blocking the most valuable thing which is attention. Hopefully the wider debate around open and closed systems will eventually lead to innovation that fosters audience attention, participation, and better user experiences in the digital music space.


Event Info & Live Stream


 Full details and live streaming of acts from the 3 music stages on the day can be found at


You can follow updates using the hashtag #labdaylive plus there's further tweet analysis, tracking and visualization via my channel at The Archivist



Alexis Ffrench!/AlexisFfrench

Aloe Blacc!/aloeblacc

Boy Mandeville!/boymanband

Charlie Simpson!/charliesimo





Laki Mera!/LakiMeraMusic

Newton Faulkner!/newtonfaulkner

Pete and The Pirates!/PetePirates

Sophie Ellis-Bextor!/sophieeb

To Kill a King!/ToKillAKingUK


Wolf Gang!/wolfgang



Some of the performers appearing on the day


The Beating of Her Heart by digitonal




About Ogilvy


Ogilvy & Mather are an International advertising, marketing and public relations agency founded in 1948.


Visit the Ogilvy Museum on YouTube  to watch some of their classic ads, dating back to the 1950s. For more recent developments there's the Ogilvyvids Channel


Ogilvy Group Comms @OgilvyLondon for news and observations from the comms team at Ogilvy Group UK.

OGILVY @OGILVY their global staff blog aggregator.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

'Upular' - Movie Mashup Track by Pogo

'Upular' - a new mashup track from Australian electronic music artist Pogo, composed using chords, bass notes and vocal samples from the Disney Pixar film 'Up'. More Pogo video tracks via

Following the Sony copyright problems associated with his earlier track 'Bangarang' (see previous post), I notice Pogo has included Disney Pixar credits at the end of the video. Considering the Blogger platform now supports direct integration with Amazon Associates, mashups like this can be a powerful promotional tool for all content creators (see below).

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pogo Starts a Blog

Australian electronic music artist Pogo has started a blog at currently featuring an FAQ and a list of interviews. His unique sound comes from the sampling, sequencing and reimagining of popular childhood movies. Tracks are constructed using sounds lifted from movie scenes (sometimes entirely), drums, bass and percussion.

Melodies are formed using cut-up dialogues in a non-lexical vocal style; "There are no definitive lyrics to my tracks because I have never intended to form sentences with the samples I use." The music is then synced to video cuts from the original movie to create a new mini-trailer.

Pogo has a growing fan-base on YouTube where fresh uploads and the viral potential of video widgets quickly attract thousands of visitors. Creations such as Expialidocious have now reached far in excess of half a million views. You can browse the growing collection of mashups at

Below is the recent video for his track 'Bangarang' composed of sounds from the classic Spielberg film 'Hook'

Update 13th Sept '09

'Bangarang' removed from YouTube - Pogo Blog visit the link for full explanation.

Today, Sony Pictures Entertainment claimed that 'Bangarang' is an infringement of copyright, and the video has been removed from YouTube. I suppose this had to happen eventually given the kind of world we live in. (September 10th 2009).
Unfortunately this is a common experience for remixers of controlled media, such are the constraints of heavily restricted copyrights. However you can still play and download the full track here (while it lasts!)


A sonic guide to the history of cut-up music: DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century - Words & Music Expansion

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Apologies EP by Mosaik


Mosaik is the electronic music project of Stockholm based musician Jakob Svanholm. The Apologies EP features 7 instrumental tracks that combine melodic bass and synth sequences with delicate percussive rhythms. The sonic spaces are subtle and calming, with centered tonal themes, repeating motifs and ambient textures that conjure the emotions and imagination.

Originally released on Kahvi Collective in 2007:

MP3 and Flac versions now available under Creative Commons license at:

You can listen to some of Jakob's recent works in progress at:

See his website for discography and social connections:

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tynt Tracer - Track Content Reuse and Generate Traffic

Tracer is a free online tool that tracks where your website content is reused and inserts an attribution link back to the original published source. It also provides analytics to help you understand and measure user engagement. You simply add a line of java script to your blog or website and whenever someone pastes your work to another webpage, Tracer automatically generates a return link including Creative Commons license details if applicable (full instructions are given).

The following paragraph has been copied and pasted, showing the automatic attribution link at the bottom of the quote,

What does Tracer do?

Download Information Sheet

Download Information Sheet

Tracer tracks when users copy content from your web site and automatically adds a link back to the original page when your content is pasted. So, why do you need Tracer?

Tracer is a brand new way to:

  • Generate more visits and page views.
  • Get credit when content is copied from your site.
  • Measure and understand user engagement.
  • Improve your search engine ranking.
Read more: Under Creative Commons License:Attribution No Derivatives

Tracer is easy to implement and offers a convenient way to track user interaction and generate site traffic. Supports Blogger/Blogspot, Ning,, Typepad,, WordPress.

Via Creative Commons Weblog

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wind Whistles - Animals Are People Too

The second full-length album from the Canadian folk duo, released under a Creative Commons-License. Album artwork by Norbert Reissig. Available in MP3, OGG and CD formats from

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspiring Videos for the Classroom

A useful collection of Inspiring Youtube videos to use in the classroom. Recommended by teachers from all over the world, the presentation features lots of engaging ideas to stimulate discussion, learning and self-improvement. Here's the full screen Google Docs page.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Public Domain Donor Sticker

"Why let all of your ideas die with you? Current Copyright law prevents anyone from building upon your creativity for 70 years after your death. Live on in collaboration with others. Make an intellectual property donation. By donating your IP into the public domain you will "promote the progress of science and useful arts" (U.S. Constitution). Ensure that your creativity will live on after you are gone, make a donation today."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Open Courseware Collections for Musicians and Writers

The blog has two useful lists of open learning classes, courses, and lessons for music and writing:
For more Open Education resources and productivity tools see my lens Bright Ideas Brilliant Minds