Monday, March 19, 2007

Promiscuous Songs: Free Song Lyrics by Jonathan Lethem

Promiscuous Songs - American writer Jonathan Lethem, best known for his novels, short stories, and essays, freely gives his collection of song lyrics and lyrical fragments to songwriters, musicians, and bands for use in new creations. Selected sound files of completed songs are available for listening via the site with attribution to the writers and performers.

This is part of the The Promiscuous Materials Project where Jonathan also offers stories for filmmakers or dramatists to adapt, priced at a dollar apiece. The works are available non-exclusively, so other people can use the same material, for short films (30 mins) or one-act plays (45 mins) only. For the stories some rights are restricted and the materials may not be republished in text form on websites or books etc.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Open Water Project

Excerpts from

The OpenWater project was a group project for an Instructional Technology
class at Utah State University.

About 75% of the material used in OpenWater is remixed or used from other
sources licensed under public domain or creative commons. The remaining 25% is
original footage that was shot by the OpenWater team.

The soundtrack is supplied by Magnatune artists and the video is licensed under Creative Commons.