Friday, November 24, 2006

Timothy Leary - how to operate your brain

Timothy Leary massages his message on reprogramming the brain into your brain in this 29 minute video produced by Chris Graves.

Via Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lasse Gjertsen's Hyperactive Video Editing Style

Lasse Gjertsen uses video editing techniques akin to music sampling to create new digital media compositions. In the video below called Amateur he creates a cut-up illusion of himself jamming on drums and piano. In another video he makes an appearance as a human beatbox.

Lasse also creates animations and a good introduction to his creative influences can be found in Jeg går en Tur - A self portrait that you can watch below: In animation, EVERYTHING is possible!

Check out Lasse's music page for some fine electronic tunes.


Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen

Jeg går en Tur - A self portrait by Lasse Gjertsen

Monday, November 13, 2006

Instructional Music Video Mashup

Kel McKeown: Instructional Video

A mashup masterclass and classic example of creative cut-up techniques. Part of the fun is learning how it's done.

Digital Luthiers Develop The Reactable

reactable: improvisation demo

Team designer Marcos Alonso explains:
The reactable, is a multi-user electronic music instrument with a tabletop
tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete
control over the instrument by moving physical objects on a luminous table
surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a
classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic
topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible
modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.

This instrument is being developed by a team of digital luthiers (Sergi
Jordà, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Günter Geiger and Marcos Alonso), at the Music
Technology Group within the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.
More information is available via the Reactable Website which also has a good overview of related tangible musical interfaces. See also Wikipedia reacTable

Here's an organic interface that takes a more fluid approach...

Toriton Plus: Water Surface as Music Controller II

Saturday, November 11, 2006

WGBH Lab: Video Sandbox

The WGBH Lab is an online destination and initiative designed to help independent media makers. Selected video clips from the WGBH Media Library are being cleared for copyright and made available for people to cut, loop and mashup via the Lab Sandbox.

All clips are made available in QuickTime’s native .mov format under Creative Commons license Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 .

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Perceptions of Self in the Age of Social Media

These four time-lapse videos show human evolutionary processes and cosmetic transformations over varying periods of time. These type of clips became significantly popular via YouTube and other new media outlets during the latter part of 2006.

I have posted the clips here in order of appearance on YouTube, over the 3 months of August, September and October (dates may be innacurate). Each successive video was compiled over a longer period of time apart from the final clip which was shot relatively quickly and digitally manipulated later.

For the first two videos shown below, the viewing figures quickly reached into the millions each and the level of interest was high across many important forms of media dissemination including blogs, social networks and mass media news outlets.

The clips continue to capture the imaginations of millions and it seems fitting to profile the trend in a single post. There's obviously a powerful fascination with the aging process and the technique of projecting these visions of accumulative degenerative processes over time. The fourth clip, possibly influenced by the success of the earlier videos, shows the power of cosmetic / technological practices to promote an image of desirability, albeit dependent on particular cultural perspectives and identification. Click through to the YouTube sources to get further details and comments.

Me: Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project

Dove - Evolution

More about this type of photography at Wikipedia Time-lapse